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Combination Foil Embossing

Combination Foil Embossing combines embossing with foil stamping in one single impression.

The dies for this process are hand tooled from brass with a cutting edge to produce a sharp clean edge around the foil embossed image.  Though more costly than a flat stamping die, combination foil embossing produces results that are much more rewarding and will last for millions of impressions.

Pastelling is a process used with a combination stamp that adds a soft, subtle color to lighter colored stock.  The combination of the pastel colors and embossing produces an attractive finished piece with an antiqued look.

Design Tips:

As with flat foil stamping, it is not necessary to drop an inked area from under the foiled area, although the same guidelines should be followed as outlined in the flat foil stamping section.

Avoid very fine lines and small lettering.  These items may have to be flat foil stamped in addition to a combination stamp to achieve the desired result.

Artwork for combination stampings should be prepared in the same manner as blind embossing.  Designating textures and detailed areas is very important.

Combination stamping will eliminate cracking and splitting on coated stock which is sometimes a problem with registered embossing.

If combination stamp is a picture or actual object, supply both a line drawing (black and white,) and a photograph or detailed sketch and detailed description.

When creating sculpted combination dies, always supply a color coded overlay for different levels and textures.

For best results, stationery to be foil embossed should be 25% cotton or better to withstand the pressure of embossing.

Scoring can be done within the same press run if at least
1 1/2" is available between the score and the image area.