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Flat Foil Stamping

This image transfer occurs when heat and pressure are combined with a die face and remains flat to the surface.  It has an astounding effect when used alone on a printed piece or combined with embossing.

Foil stamping dates back to the early seventeen hundreds, when it was first used to decorate book covers with gold.  Today, several hundred colors are available in addition to a color matching process that can match any color by special arrangement.

Holograms and custom hologram foils are being widely used and becoming more popular.  Although more expensive than traditional foil stamping, these foils produce an effect that is worth the extra cost.  Custom holographic foil can be produced with a special design, logo, or company name within it.

Design Tips:

Always supply clean, crisp art for dies.

Avoid heavily textured papers when minimal or no impression is required, or when a small type face or thin rules will be used.

Always use wax free inks when overstamping on a printed surface.

Allow 2 to 3 days drying time when overstamping an inked surface (be prepared for a longer drying time for darker flooded inks.)

Do not drop or reverse out the ink where the foil stamp will be, under the above conditions, the ink will accept a foil stamp and thus eliminate register problems.

It is recommended to drop varnish at the foil area, varnish will not accept a foil stamp

More than one color foil can be applied within one press run, provided the colors are similar in form (metallic; pigment; pearlescent, etc.) and are spaced at least 1/2" apart horizontally.

Scoring can be done within the same impression if at least 1 1/2" is available between score and image area.

Avoid stamping over a laminated sheet.  Any stamping, whether flat or embossed, should be done prior to laminating.  The foil will not be affected by laminating.