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Thermography is a raised printing process that produces varied textured effects and can be done on almost any printable surface.

Because thermography requires no dies, it has often been looked upon as an inexpensive substitute for embossing.  Many interesting decorative effects can be obtained through this process.

Raised printing effects are obtained by these raising powders;

Neutral Powders
     These permit the color of the base ink to show through.

Opaque Powders
     These offer complete hiding.  When white base inks 
     are used the color stands out even on the darkest

Metallic Powders
     For a high gloss metallic effect available in gold, silver,
     and copper, as well as other tones.

Fluorescent Powders
     The fluorescent color is carried in the powder itself the
     effect is obtained by using only a clear ink.

Sparkle and Glitter Powders
     Powders can be mixed with tinsel, sequins, diamond
     dust, etc., to add this decorative effect.

Design Tips:

Plan raised printing for one side only.

Do not plan to have thermography bleed the edge of the finished sheet.

Flaking and chipping can occur when the sheet is knifed through for final trimming.

Keep thermography away from a fold.

It is best not to use anything less than 6 pt. type. Filling in can occur with smaller types.